Students will be provided conveyance to and fro and the charge will be according to the distance covered and the number of students in that route. Those who wish to have the conveyance facilities may enlist their name at the time of admission. Students who use the conveyance should pay 10 months fees and remit the fare along with tuition fee. No one is allowed to travel by the school bus without the bus pass.

If the school bus fail to come any day on account of some unforeseen difficulty, the students should come by other means. No complaint will be entertained on such issues.. The school bus will not wait for late comers.

Note the following points as safety measure.

1. While in the bus, do not stretch your head or hands out of the bus, and never make any noise.
2. Guardians should ensure that children board the bus safely and are taken back on their return.
3. Students who travel by School bus should always carry their journey card with them.
4. When the student stops using the school bus, the matter should be reported to the office and the Journey card returned, failing which the bus fee for the whole year will have to be paid.

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