1. Avoid vulgarity in your behaviour, never make fun of others, especially the old and the poor.
2. Never hesitate to say an emphatic ‘NO’ when asked or tempted to do anything wrong
3. Be God-Fearing,remember all true wisdom begins and ends in God. Take care, never to offend God, thus alienating His help from you.
4. Never waste time,Time is precious, Never seek excuses for being absent from school. Don’t day dream;but keep your mind on your books. Always be in time to school.
5. Follow up your studies day by day. Do not postpone anything. Never be afraid of asking further explanation from your teachers.
6. Choose your friends carefully. Good friends will help you both by word and example. Keep away from the bad and the lazy.
7. Take part in games.
8. Do not flinch in face of difficulties in your studies. Tackle all your difficulties with courage.
9. When studying, keep your mind only on your books. If you read, read useful books; do not get a craze for comics, animated cartoon and video games.
10. Good behaviour is an expression of the fine character.
11. Be neat and modest in your dress and manners.
12. Courtesy begets courtsy, use the words “please” and “thank you ” as often as needed.
13. Be polite, obliging and helpful. Be careful not to hurt anyone with your word or actions.
14. Be a cheerful giver;you will help to create a beautiful world.

"These will help you grow as a person of regular habits; most valuable asset for a human life. "

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