Common Rules And Principles

1. All Students should be present in the school before 9.35 am on all working days.
2. Pupils who reach school early should be seated in their own respective class-room and learn their lessons silently.
3. Pupils should greet their teachers everyday when they see them first.
4. Pupils who reach the school after the third bell are not supposed to enter the class-room without the consent of the Principal.
5. Any pupil who is absent is not allowed to enter the class without the leave record signed by parent.
6. Pupils are not allowed to go outside the school campus during the working hours.
7. Any pupil continuously absenting without applying for leave can enter the class only with the Principal’s permission.
8. All should be very careful in maintaining the classes room and surroundings neat and tidy
9. Pupils should not contaminate or write on the desk, bench, wall, board etc. Any damage caused to equipments will be made good from those concerned.
10. Those who are absent occasionally, careless in studies, aggressive, disobedient to teachers, causing nuisance to others, talking and behaving badly and causing harm to the reputation of the school by misconduct etc. leads to the reasonable dispersal of a pupil.
11. Students are prohibited to roam about near the church premises or on the road during their leisure time on working days.
12. While coming and leaving the school, both boys and girls should go along the way assigned to them in discipline.
13. Any lost property got from school campus must be entrusted to the school office.
14. Students travel in school should follow strict discipline. They must be exemplary in behaviour inside and outside, to maintain the good name of the school.
15. Students are not allowed to keep anything other than the study materials CD,Bad books, electronic items etc.).
16. Pupils are not allowed to bring Mobile phones in the school campus and if violated will be taken away.
17. Other vehicles are not permitted to enter the school ground during working hours.
18. Students are not allowed to bring any type of valuable things such as gold,money or any other ornaments to the school.
19. Class room and its surroundings should be kept very neat and clean.


1. Discipline is an integral part of the learning process. For this a student has to learn self-control of his emotions and impulses. He must learn to live harmony with others by respecting the customs and traditions of others and society, by keeping the laws of the country and by obeying the commandments of God.
2. Order must be the hall-mark of our school. For this an atmosphere of silence must be maintained by everyone during working hours in class-rooms,staff-rooms and office. Thus everyone should contribute to maintain an excellence of standards in everything.
3. The school insist on punctuality, regular attendance, good manners, cleanliness and devotion to study. Above all a student must be courteous to superiors and fellow students.
4. Every student shall bring the Text books and note books required for the classes neatly covered and labeled. No News papers, periodicals or pictures shall be brought to school.
5. student is required to maintain the school premises clean and tidy. Waste paper and other waste materials should be deposited in the bins provided for the purposes. Defacing walls, destruction of furniture, tampering with the plants in the garden etc.will be severely dealt with.
6. All assignments shall be regularly done and submitted. Parents/ Guardians are requested to read the REMARK sections of the school Diary of their ward every day.
7. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and other belongings. No valuable articles or money should be brought to school. Sharp instruments and tools are not allowed in the school premises.
8. Students must move along the corridors and veranda in absolute silence and in an orderly manner. While moving to classes or halls, they are to keep left and move in a line.
9. Students who remain in their class rooms during intervals are not allowed to play inside. They are not allowed to play in the corridors or in the School yards during intervals.
10. In the absence of a teacher, it is the Class Leader’s responsibility to keep order in the class. Strict silence should be observed inside the class during such times.
11. Students are expected to converse in English while they are in the School campus.
12. If any student is found sick or wounded, the matter should be immediately reported to any of the teachers for immediate attention.
13. All students are expected to strictly follow the instructions given by the class teacher through the prefect/class leader/SUPW Volunteer
14. Students traveling by school Buses should queue up when they board the buses
15. Students are not allowed to wear gold or silver ornaments at school.

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