Short Title

1. These rules called “Holy Angel’s Higher Secondary School, Adoor, service rules,” shall come into effect from 1st June 1964 and shall apply to every employee be they of what ever class in the employ of Holy Angels’ H.S.S, Adoor on the at or said date and who joins their employment thereafter.
2. The Governing body of Holy Angel’s Higher Secondary School, Adoor reserves to itself the right, without giving any previous notice on this behalf, to amend, alter or add to any of these rules,in conformity with existing statutes and norms set in SSLC and Higher Secondary to bring such amendment, alteration or addition into effect from such date in any mix.
3. Such amendment shall become binding on all employees of the school when communicated to them in writing.

Service Conditions

1. Candidates selected after interview shall be appointed as Probationary/Temporary teachers depending on the nature of vacancy.
2. Every teacher appointed as a teacher will be required to be on probation for a period of one year. This period may be extended for a further period of one year if considered necessary at the absolute discretion of the management. During this period the management reserves the right to terminate the service of the employee without notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever.
3. On successful completion of probation, the teacher will be confirmed in the post. Thereafter his/her service will be terminable with three months notice on either side, or payment of three months salary in lieu of notice.
4.The salary and pay scale applicable to the post will be mentioned in the appointment order.
5. The employees will be eligible for contributory provident fund and other benefits implemented by the management from time to time.
6. The retirement age shall be 55.However the management resaves the right to enter into contract with the employee to extend his/her service after 55.
7. As regards leave, vacation pay, and similar conditions of services, the rules provided in KER(Kerala Educational Rule) and KR will be followed.

Code of Conduct

All the teachers /employees are expected to be exemplary in their public and private life. Their loyalty, sense of dedication and integrity of character at all times should be an inspiration to the youth committed to their care.
Every employee shall be governed by the following code of conduct.The following act of commission or omission shall constitute misconduct.

1. Habitual late coming.
2. Negligence of duty.
3. Quarrelsome and riotous behavior.
4. Use of abusive words.
5. Insubordination.
6. Defiance of lawful order.
7. Disrespectful behaviour
8. Rumour mongering and character assassination.
9. Sleeping in the school during working hours.
10. Assault, either provoked or otherwise.
11. Making false accusations
12. Use of liquor, narcotics or smoking in the school premises.
13. Theft or fraud.
14. Embezzlement of funds and misappropriation of school property.
15. Destruction of school property.
16. Willful disfigurement, destruction or alteration of school records.
17. Carrying on private business or profession.
18. Conviction by a court of law for a criminal offence.
19. Absenting without leave.
20. Securing or attempting to secure leave or absence by false pretext.
21. Indulging in religious or political indoctrination.
22. Indulging in any kind of agitation in order to coerce or embarrass the school authorities.
23. Possession of weapons, explosive and other objectionable materials in such school premises.
24. Indulging in or encouraging any form of malpractice connected with examination or any other school activities.
25. Divulging confidential matters relating to school
26. Obstructing another staff member from lawful duties.
27. Carrying on personal monetary transactions among themselves with students or with parents.
28. Taking active part in politics.
29. Refusal to accept any official communication from school authorities.
30. Propagation through teaching lessons or otherwise, communal or sectarian outlook or inciting or allowing any student to indulge in communal or sectarian activity.
31. Absenting from work even though present in school premises.
32. Discrimination against any student on the ground of caste, creed, language, place of birth, social and cultural background.
33. Making sustained neglect of correcting class work, home work or test papers done by students.
34. Organizing or attending any meeting during school hours except when he is required or permitted by the head of the school to do so.
35. Taking private tuition without permission of school authorities.

The manager may also impose any of the following penalties for any irregularity or breach of the CODE OF CONDUCT.

1. Censure.
2. Withholding of increment,with or without cumulative effect.
3. Recovery of pay of the whole or part of pecuniary loss caused to the school by negligence or breach of orders.

The management has the power to terminate the service of the said teacher even after his/her confirmation in the following situations,without notice after due enquiry as prescribed for any or all of the following reasons.

1. Willful neglect of duty.
2. Moral turpitude.
3. Gross insubordination.
4. Mental unfitness.

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